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Intel Extreme Masters

Cooller wins IEM EU Championship

Written by René at 24.01.2011 - 10:34

Our legendary Quake Live player Anton "Cooller" Singov celebrated his first major Quake Live title in his long time career as a professional gamer. In a thrilling tournament he was able to defeat k1llsen, strenx and Av3k on his way to success.

It has been a long time: Anton "Cooller" Singov, considered as one of the best Quake players ever in history of e-sports won several World Championship titles in his successful gaming career - both in Quake 3 and Quake 4. After Cooller returned to the professional gaming scene for Quake Live and his highly anticipated comeback, he gathered many top 3 finishes throughout various gaming tours. With a 3rd place finish at the IEM European Championship, a 2nd place finish at the IEM World Championship or a 2nd place finish at QuakeCon 2010, Cooller managed to be in the top tier of players for nearly every tournament he attended.


Since yesterday, Cooller also won his first major Quake Live title. By defeating Polish player Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski in the Grand Final with a clean 3-0 victory he won himself the much deserved and awaited title. His tournament kicked off with a victory over tox1c and a narrow loss to Belarussian player Alexej "Cypher" Yanushevsky, followed by three more victories in groupstage. In the playoffs, Cooller met German player and IEM gamescom winner Marcel "k1llsen" Paul to win 3-1. In the semifinal Cooller and French player Kevin "strenx" Baeza dueled themselves for over three hours to determine the second finalist after Av3k defeated his serious-gaming teammate Cypher earlier. While Cooller won the first two maps, strenx stroke back on map three and four to send the match to the deciding fifth map which should be Vertical Vengeance.


With strenx stacking up a solid lead with 5-2 both players complained about server spikes and asked the admin to pause the game. While the game was not paused, Cooller collected four more frags against strenx who got affected too much by the server lag issues. With Cooller leading 6-5 the admin finally paused the game with only 27 seconds remaining. While the players and admins discussed when to unpause and play the remaining seconds of the deciding match, the whole CyberSport Arena in Kiev had a power failure.


After a long discussion between Cooller, strenx, Carmac and the official admin, the decision was made: The players were asked to set up the same situation before the power failure, with Cooller leading with one frag, having a 100 / 166 Health and Armour stack over strenx who was spawning at the Railgun and 27 seconds of gametime left. Right after the restart, strenx was very aggressive and desperate to tie the game, forcing Cooller into a mistake, which he did - strenx tied the game with only 20 seconds remaining. After the French agressiveness, it was Cooller who brought the game into overtime where he was able to get two more frags on to strenx, while strenx was only able to score once. Cooller went to the Grand Final to meat Av3k.


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