mousesports is now in the racing seat

Berlin, May 3rd, 2016 – mousesports, Germanys elite eSports-franchise, is excited to announce DXRacer as a new partner. The high quality gaming seats manufacturer will support all mousesports divisions and provide the teams with even better playing conditions.

The new partnership will not only help the players, when they prepare for the competition around the world but will also enable all fans to sit comfortable and in style of your favorite team. Together with DXRacer, mouz is developing the first ever mousesports luxury gaming chair. "It makes me proud, to see how our team is growing. With DXRacer, we found a perfect partner for an area that has been very important to me. I cant wait to see our players in their new mousesports DXRacer chairs", says Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports.

DXRacer focusses on an ergonomic design, to guarantee a healthy posture. The characteristics of the DXRacer chairs will help the teams and fans around the world to enjoy intense gaming sessions and long working days, while not worrying about their health. "At the top of eSports, you have to put in a lot of work to keep up with the best. We need our players to focus on the game and not on their surroundings. This is why a comfortable and healthy chair is super important", says Tüylü.

The new DXRacer mousesports edition will be available in the mousesports store and at your gaming chair dealer soon.

About DXRacer
DXRacer was founded in 2003 as a manufacturer of high quality racing car seats with a primary focus on strict quality management. Through innovative business ideas, DXRacer became a world leader among OEM car accessory manufacturers. After years of innovation and investment in research and development, the product range has expanded to include computer chairs and gaming seats. We constantly strive for quality and design. Top content creators, eSports organizations and casual gamers alike, all use and love our products. We focus on ergonomic design for all DXRacer products in order to promote health conscious computer use. Being a proponent of healthy living and work environments, we continue to develop products that improve quality of life.

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