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mouz-o-leum CSGO DM by

# Player Score
1 DE Ponke 275
2 IL NiSTEN // L 244
3 T - M 4 N [S] 242
4 UNNCUT)) 225
5 BG sax 197
6 DE Sn7 * 185
7 denis 170
8 ChrillStylez 163
9 barbeles 152
10 PL MartutMeister ⓘⓂⓈ 121
11 AnjmA 95
12 DE ★ TheDJJonney.DE ★ 64
13 DE (: muh 61
14 US Harvi *Saiyajin 59
15 cdx 51
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Intel Extreme Masters

IEM V European Finals: mouz vs SK-Gaming

Written by |zvan at 20.01.2011 - 13:52

The first game of our team in Kiev at IEM V European Finals is about to start. mousesports will play against the Swedish team SK-Gaming in its first game of the group, starting 17 CET.

In the second match of Group A, SK-Gaming, our opponents from this match, met the French team eSahara. The Swedes started out as Terrorists and with some great attack tactits, they managed to win the first side 12 to 3. On the CT side SK-Gaming took away the first four rounds, winning the game 16 to 3.


Now, around 17 CET the match between our team mousesports and SK-Gaming is beeing prepared and as a note for you, this game will not feature any STREAM, as it will be broadcasted by To watch the game, copy/paste this ip in your console and connect:



mouz: Tixo - roman - Karrigan - ninja - approx
SK: allen - f0rest - face - GeT_RiGhT - RobbaN



UPDATE: The half-time score is 10 to 5 in favour of SK-Gaming. Our team got several entry kills but unfortunately, they were not able to get more rounds. No problem, its just the first half and by the way, the first game.


UPDATE2: The final score on de_inferno between mousesports and SK-Gaming is 7-16.  The Swedes proved a very strong T size, only dropping away two rounds to our team. This match was the only one in our team's schedule for today, as the rest of them will take place tomorrow, when hopefully, we will have more luck! Good luck mousesports !!!


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#1 - 20.01.2011 (15:32)

Video Artist

Good luck mouz!
#2 - 20.01.2011 (18:15)


gogo mouzzz <3
#3 - 21.01.2011 (02:45)


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