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mousesports presents StarCraft team

Written by .benni at 03.01.2009 - 13:45

This year mousesports will be represented in one more eSport discipline. So we present our new fifteen-headed StarCraft BroodWar team, which leads the ranking of the best current StarCraft Teams outside Korea.

Just a few weeks ago our team was able to win the championship of the the most important clanleague, the iCCup CL, for the fifth time already. Furthermore the team is unbeaten during the current season, aiming for the sixth title.  After winning the championship of Europe's oldest league, BroodWar Clan League, six times in a row, they are also holding first place in the 34th season. Tonight our players going to have their 9th game of the season, which also is their first game wearing the dress of mousesports. They face the team from rank eleven, Going Effective Together, on 7pm.


In addition to that their list of achievements shows a range of top3 placements in the last seasons of iCCup Clan League and WGTour Clan League. But next to this excellent performances during team contests, we got some players, that called attention to themself with showing great skills in big 1vs1 tournaments. The Ukrainian Eugin "Strelok" Oparyshev managed to win bronze at the World Cyber Games 2008, won Gamestarleague Season 1 and was awarded the GosuGamer of the Year in 2008. Also on the team is the only 14-year-old German talent Kolll, who recently finished 4th at World Cyber Games 2009.
Our entire 1vs1 lineup is qualified for the TeamLiquid Starleague, which is about to begin within a few days where IefNaij will try to defend his title.


mousesports StarCraft Broodwar team:


Germany Markus "MaX" Kemper (Manager)

Germany Gregor "Archi" Werner (Manager)

Poland Jacek "LastNight" Trybuła (Manager)


Germany Anton "Kolll" Emmerich (1vs1)

Germany Michael "GhosTa" Beck (1vs1)

Ukraine Eugen "Strelok" Oparyshev (1vs1)

Ukraine Oleksii "White-ra" Krupnyk (1vs1)

Poland Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz (1vs1)

Poland Grzegorz "Dreiven" Kordek (1vs1)

Canada Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang (1vs1)

Hungary Szikszai "Sziky" Miklós (1vs1)


Finland Eetu "Nizzy" Kauppinen (2vs2)

United States Danny "Lee" Lee (2vs2)

Chile Gonzalo "Belladona" Calvo (2vs2)

Latvia Andrew "Westside" Kalninsh (2vs2)




Markus "MaX" Kemper, StarCraft managerWe are really proud to join mousesports organisation. Our primary goals are pretty simple: We plan to continue our great work, keep up the performance we had all the time and perform extremely well in various leagues and tournaments. We really want to thank mousesports for the new home and  hope to spend a great time together.



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#1 - 03.01.2010 (14:03)

Data Administration

OMFG so nice add by you mouz


Strelok fan *.*
#2 - 03.01.2010 (17:29)


Hello everyone !
#3 - 03.01.2010 (18:43)


hello all!
#4 - 03.01.2010 (18:54)

StarCraft Player

Hello, and good luck ^^
#5 - 03.01.2010 (19:08)

Hall of Famer

Hi hi
#6 - 03.01.2010 (19:39)

Justin 'Starsky' Priem

Nice to see you at mousesports. I wish you the best of luck, but please let someone proofread this news
#7 - 03.01.2010 (20:23)


#8 - 03.01.2010 (22:07)


GL guys!
#9 - 03.01.2010 (22:17)


Welcome to mouz!
#10 - 04.01.2010 (01:54)


hello Oo
#11 - 04.01.2010 (11:06)


#12 - 05.01.2010 (03:13)


hi O_O
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