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mouz parts ways with MaNa and hOpe

Written by René at 31.12.2014 - 11:59

Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz and Dan "hOpe" Gustafsson have parted ways with mousesports, as their contracts haven't been renewed for 2014. Especially MaNa has been an important part in the clubs StarCraft II division for the last four years.

In today's esports scene, there are only a few player's that could be considered as a real franchise player and Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz is one of them. Beeing part of the initial StarCraft: Brood War team that transitioned to StarCraft II, MaNa's career was heavily bound with the StarCraft II efforts in mousesports. Although the roster fielded well known players like ThorZaIN, MorroW or Naama in the past, the team's identity was often carried by MaNa himself.


With his contract running out, both parties agreed on not renewing it. "It was time for us and for him to head into another direction", said mousesports StarCraft II Head Coordinator Markus "mouz MaX" Kemper.


Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz will be the first StarCraft II player in the mousesports Hall of Fame, to honor his dedicated tribute towards the club. He will join the ranks of gaming legends like Anton "Cooller" Singov, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski, Christian "Blizzard" Chmiel and other famous mousesports players.


While we're parting ways with MaNa, also Dan "hOpe" Gustafsson will leave the team to continue his career elsewhere. Dan has been an important player for the team since he joined, having won multiple online tournaments as well as giving his best in every team match we had to face.





Markus "mouz MaX" Kemper: "Since the very beginning of our mousesports StarCraft division in 2009, MaNa has always been an exemplary member of our team. Always professional, kind and modest; just a very good friend. We went through some difficult but mostly successful times with him. The team grew very close together throughout the past four years and MaNa always played a key role in that process. Within the last couple of weeks, we however came to the conclusion that something has to change. It was time for us and for him to head into another direction. I'm sad about letting him go but I'm also thrilled to work with our new team in 2014. Grzegorz, thanks for your time and effort in our team. We wish you all the best for your future!



I also want to thank hOpe for his time in mousesports. We picked him up earlier this year and everyone seemed to be very surprised by that time. But he quickly made a name for himself and became an important part of our team. Plans have now changed for 2014 and it's unfortunately time to go separate ways. Dan, best of luck to you too!"


 René Lannte (Management): "Grzegorz did something impressive and admirable: staying in the same team for his entire professional career for four years now. His loyalty towards his team, his teammates and especially to his fans is a very rare attribute in professional gaming nowadays. While it's very sad to say goodbye to one of the few players who embodied the 'umpumpen da!!' mentality as well as he did, I'm happy that he's going to continue his career, so we're still able to see him compete. Keep it up master chief of trolling, and don't you dare to not qualify for the big tournaments in 2014!"


 Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz: "I am parting ways with mousesports, after 4 great years of cooperation. I am really happy that I could be a part of that family. They picked me up when I was an up-and coming player and created the MaNa that I always wanted to be. Two of my biggest dreams came true thanks to mousesports: Winning at least 1 big tournament and competing as a player in a Korean league. I’d like to say goodbye to all of the guys working/playing in mousesports:



René –  I’ll always remember the times where we played Quake Live together and you crushed me without giving me much chance to frag you even once. You offered me a lot of help and personal advices whenever I had problems. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful and keep up the great work you’re doing.


Markus (aka Robot/Ghost/Spectrum) – We’ve been working together since Brood War days, and yet I still remember the first time we actually talked together. I asked you to help me with my German homework for school, and you did help me so good, that my teacher couldn’t believe that it was me doing that. I got in a little bit of trouble because of that^^. As for managing the team, I think you did a phenomenal job. You always asked for my opinion and helped me a lot of times to make a right decision and thanks to you I did that, not only once. Thank you for bringing me to ESC and then mousesports to make me a player that achieved so much. I don’t know how my gaming career would look like without your help.


Cengiz / Yilmaz – We’ve met only a few times on events, but you always took very good care of me and just like Markus, helped me to make a lot of right decisions. I hope that the future mousesports will be just like you have imagined.


Wake – You’re still a young boy and fresh to mousesports, yet you brought us a lot of fun on our internal chat and a lot of wanna-be leader stuff ^^. I wish you best of luck in your future e-sports and non e-sport life, because you need it.


HeroMarine – I remember when I tested you to join mousesports, at that time I thought you were quite good and I am glad you joined mousesports. Now you’ve grown a lot and have a very bright future ahead of you. You’ll become one of the best as long as you will stay focused on improving yourself, not only in gaming but also in life. Don’t forget to live a healthy life. Take care little boy.


Hasuobs – We’ve already said goodbye, but I want you to know that along with ThorZaIN you were my best friend in mousesports and it was a big pleasure to meet you on events and talk together a lot. Keep being yourself as you’re a very good player and friend. Let the mice know who’s the old pal in mousesports^^.


hOpe – Just like Heromarine, you might have a very bright future ahead of you. You’re smart in your play, don’t screw it up. I am cheering for you.


Morenos – We haven’t had much opportunities to meet in mousesports environment at events, but I want to thank you for being very friendly and helpful in practice. I have learnt a lot while you guys were here.


PaisY – Even tho you’re not managing SC2 team anymore, I want to thank you for being yet another great person in mousesports who brought a friendly and funny environment on events and chat channel. Best of luck in your life mate.


The future? Well, I’ll be doing everything I can to do well in WCS 2014 and to qualify for IEM Katowice 2014. Especially IEM. 2013 has been a failure, and now it looks like I am taking a quite significant step back, but lets hope that this step back is just for a running-start. I am looking forward to what 2014 brings and please keep on supporting and have faith in me. With all your help and myself being strong, I might come back big in the future. Fighting~!

mousesports MaNa signs off"



 Dan "hOpe" Gustafsson: "It's been 7 extraordinary months but its time for me and Mousesports to part ways and I'd like to thank everyone that showed me support during this time especially the team and all of its players, managers and sponsors of Mousesports and I wish them all luck for the future. I don't know what will be next for myself but I will keep on playing Starcraft II and this is only the beginning so please keep on showing your support."


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