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# Player Score
1 DE bangflash [A] ✪ 162
2 NOKI 144
3 We Dem BoyZ 140
4 IL sweg 136
5 DE tenTigo 131
6 IL RYU 126
7 wolf 84
8 JK0B 77
9 DE kito 71
10 qbe 69
11 HR brki 59
12 57
13 DE Destno 38
14 4Y 34
15 DE fabsiiiiiiiiiiii 18
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DOTA2 Dota 2

New all Danish Dota 2 roster revealed

Written by mouz is besttest!!! at 16.10.2013 - 18:00

We're pleased to finally announce our new Dota 2 roster for 2013/2014. Troels "mouz syndereN" Nielsen is the only remaining player in the new, all Danish team. Joining him are the brothers Ace and Link as well as Cr1t and Ryze.

We are happy to present our new Dota 2 lineup, which will challenge the worlds best teams in 2013/2014: Based on the only remaining mousesports player from the old lineup, Troels "mouz syndereN" Nielsen, the two brothers Sylvester "mouz Link" and Marcus "mouz Ace" Hoelgaard as well as Christopher "mouz Ryze" Winther and Andreas "mouz Cr1t" Franck Nielsen will join forces. The team will compete the the highest decorated leagues and tournaments, starting with the SteelSeries Europe 2 tournament, before heading into the Dota 2 Champions League on Sunday and the ESL Major Series ONE groupstage next week.


mousesports Dota 2:


  • Denmark Marcus "mouz Ace" Hoelgaard
  • Denmark Andreas "mouz Cr1t" Franck Nielsen
  • Denmark Sylvester "mouz Link" Hoelgaard
  • Denmark Christopher "mouz Ryze" Winther
  • Denmark Troels "mouz syndereN" Nielsen
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Damir "mouz NeStlik" Dedic - Team Coordinator



Statement mouz Cr1t (Dota 2 Player):

"I'm very pleased to finally be able to say, that Link and Ace, aswell as Ryze and me, have joined syndereN under the mousesports banner. For Ace and me this will be our first signing, and I'm very happy that it's with such a well known and successful brand. Thanks to Hestejoe and NoiA for the time we've had together in team Life, it was well spent and also thanks to our sponsors BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech for the great support!"


Statement mouz NeStlik (Dota 2 Coordinator):

"I'm excited and proud of the lineup that we have brought in to complete the new mousesports Dota 2 team. The players, along with myself, are grateful to join an organization with such a rich and longstanding history in the community as well as some of the most frenetic pro gaming supporters in the likes of BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech. The partnership between us has been great so far and it is our hope that the fans will enjoy the new aggressive play style that we bring along with us."




mousesports is powered by:


BenQ GeIL XMG Razer Thortech



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#1 - 16.10.2013 (18:13)

mouz 739

Q('.'Q) mouz fighting
#2 - 16.10.2013 (22:59)


looking forward playing for mouz ! <3
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