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mousesports and Illusion part ways

Written by René at 17.07.2013 - 20:00

We've decided to part ways with the North American StarCraft II player Chris "Illusion" Lee with immediate effect. The team will now concentrate on the European region in the future, especially with the recruitment of LucifroN and VortiX a couple of weeks ago.

Five months ago, we've recruited the rising North American Terran player Chris "Illusion" Lee in order to strengthen our team for 2013, but we've decided it's time to part ways with the young player. Illusion has competed in several team tournaments with mousesports as well as in various solo competitions. mousesports StarCraft II Head Coordinator Markus "mouz MaX" Kemper has stated, that the focus of the team is to represent the best European StarCraft II players, supporting them in their efforts to mess with the best players in the world, is as existent as never before, especially after the recruitment of the two Spanish superstars mouz LucifroN and mouz VortiX.


The mousesports StarCraft II division is known for fielding the best European RTS roster with players like the reigning ESWC World Champion Grzegorz "mouz MaNa" Komincz (POL), five time ESL Pro Series Champion Dennis "mouz HasuObs" Schneider (GER) as well as the two young and talented players Gabriel "mouz HeroMarine" Segat (GER) and Dan "mouz hOpe" Gustafsson (SWE) and the recently recruited mouz LucifroN and mouz VortiX (both ESP).


We wish Chris the best of luck in his future career and we're confident that he will find a team that will make good use of his powerful skillset as well as supporting him in his effort to become one of the best North American StarCraft II players.


Chris "Illusion" Lee: "Though I have only spent a short time with mousesports, I am greatful for the lessons and opportunities they have given me.  Moving on so unexpectedly will be difficult but I believe I have a lot to offer my next team and eagerly await my next challenge. Best of luck to the current mousesports lineup and thanks for being very friendly and supportive of me."


Markus "mouz MaX" Kemper: "I would like to thank Illusion for his time and efforts in the team. He was a well respected team member right from the start and we had high hopes for him for 2013. Unfortunately it didnt work out as both sides hoped it to be. I wish you best of luck for your future, Chris."



mousesports StarCraft II 2013:

  • Germany Dennis "mouz HasuObs" Schneider
  • Germany Gabriel "mouz HeroMarine" Segat
  • Sweden Dan "mouz hOpe" Gustafsson
  • Poland Grzegorz "mouz MaNa Komincz
  • Spain Pedro "mouz LucifroN" Moreno Durán
  • Spain Juan "mouz VortiX" Moreno Durán


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