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syndereN replaces Alex

Written by René at 01.05.2013 - 20:00

Troels "syndereN" Nielsen will replace Alexander "Alex" Reinhardt with immediate effect. The team and Alex decided to part ways last weekend, as internal differences led to the decision. Read on for the full story and statements.

Alexander "Alex" Reinhardt has been a core member of the mousesports Dota 2 team since they've joined forces with the franchise in late November 2012. Now the team and the former support player part ways before the intense preparation schedule for The International 3 kicks in. "We had some discussions throughout the weekend and came to the conclusion that we need to pick up the pace if we want to develop ourselves as a team. Unfortunately Alex is not able to invest as much time into Dota 2 currently, so we had to make a decision. Alex is a great person and a skilled Dota 2 player. A roster change like this always causes some trouble in first place, but there was no bad blood involved afterall", said team captain Adrian "mouz FATA" Trinks.


Trinks also noted, that he's not happy to part ways with his former teammate, but he saw the need to change the lineup, if the team wants to hit the required level of play in the upcoming weeks. The team had recently achieved a shared 3rd place at the RaidCall EMS One Finals in March 2013, before dropping out of the G-1 League qualifier against dignitas lately, which culminated in internal discussions on the current state of practice.


The team will continue it's path with former mTw team captain Troels "mouz syndereN" Nielsen, who will join mousesports as their fifth player. Nielsen was already part of mousesports original Dota team in 2009.


"Last year's The International 2 was the highlight of the whole year for many players and I was privileged enough to be a part of it. It is one of my biggest goals to attend TI3 this year and together with Troels, everyone in the team is as motivated as me right now to work for our goal", said Dominik "mouz Black^" Reitmeier.


Dota 2 Head Coordinator Florian "mouz PaisY" Schmedes had this to share: "On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank Alex for his engagement in mousesports and for the great time we had during the past months, especially in Katowice at the EMS One Finals. Of course it's always sad to part ways with a player after five intense months, but we had to in order to evolve as a team."



Troels "mouz syndereN" Lyngholt Nielsen:

It's good to be back in a competitive, professional team. I've never lost interest in playing for a professional squad since mTw dissolved, and now the opportunity was finally given by mousesports. My old friend Black^ contacted me, asking me to represent mousesports and its sponsors BenQ, GeIL, Razer & Thortech, and it's been working out very well so far. mouz is a bunch of talented players, as I knew already, and the squad can be way more successful than it has been so far. I'm hoping, through drafting and leading the team in game, as well as my support play, to be the key to unlocking this team's full potential, as I believe the weakness of mouz has been of a strategical nature, and I find strategy to be one of my strengths. Hopefully it'll prove to be a winning combination in the time to come!"




mousesports Dota 2 2013:

  • Germany Dominik "mouz Black^" Reitmeier
  • Germany Adrian "mouz FATA" Trinks
  • Germany Pascal "mouz paS" Lohmeier
  • Germany Max "mouz qojqva" Broecker
  • Denmark Troels "mouz syndereN" Nielsen





mousesports is powered by:


BenQ GeIL Razer Thortech


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#1 - 01.05.2013 (20:10)


oh yeah !! gl ! black^ gogogo
#2 - 01.05.2013 (21:57)


Hmm... Not a big fan of synderen. Gl anyway
#3 - 01.05.2013 (21:59)


Amazing news. After being somewhat fresh but intense on the whole dota-stuff, I learned to love watching tobis stream with synderen's cocasting...

synderen: double heart on PL !
tobiwan: bullcrap !

I lol'd so hard

Watching him later standing in on several matches I saw that he's not only the talk but the walk.

Nice news having you with success promising mouz - take care of your ISP issues and we all gonna have some nice dota coming up with synderen@mouz.

Dudes - go kick more ass like you did on [A] recently.

Love you guys.

From Hamburg your chancre
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