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KuroKy traded to NaVi, mouz looking for 5th

Written by René at 28.02.2013 - 15:20

In a recent move of roster changes, mousesports has traded Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi-Takhasomi to Ukrainian TI2 runner-up Natus Vincere. We will look to strengthen our roster in the upcoming weeks with a powerful fifth player.

The current team captain of mousesports Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi-Takhasomi has been traded to Natus Vincere with immediate effect, as the Ukrainian team has bought KuroKy out of his running contract with his former team, after KuroKy asked for a trade to NaVi. Both parties have agreed to not publish any contract details or salary fee amounts on the matter. KuroKy will become an officially signed Dota 2 player for Natus Vincere.



The mousesports Dota 2 team has been on a good roll recently, going undefeated throughout January 2013 and winning Silver Medal at the BigPoint Battle last weekend. Now the team sees themselves ahead of another challenge. "Of course it's a tough loss to compensate Kuro's decision to get traded to NaVi", said mousesports Dota 2 Coordinator Florian "PaisY" Schmedes. Adrian "FATA" Trinks who has been officially named team captain for mousesports after KuroKy's departure, will start looking for a future mousesports recruitment with his team.



According to mousesports Dota 2 coordinator PaisY, the team is not bound to any schedules and will take their time to try a few, promising players prior to signing the final fifth player. "It will be a challenge to find a player who can actually replace KuroKy, as there aren't many, so we will take our time needed and go through different options. FATA, Alex and paS have developed incredibly well over the last two months, so I'm positive we won't suffer all too much from Kuros decision." - Florian "PaisY" Schmedes




Adrian "FATA" Trinks had this to share:


So as we all know now Kuro is leaving mouz to join NaVi. His decision is obviously fully understandable and I believe there are no hard feelings involved between him and any of us. Without a doubt this is a huge setback for us as a team as we've not only lost one of the greatest players in Dota history but also our captain. However, this does not mean we won't continue playing together with the remaining four with the aim of continuing like we used to and hopefully even better. As it seems, I am going to take over the captain role and we're going into tryouts for new players in the next few weeks. All I can say for now is, the roster will remain all German. Big thanks to all our sponsors BenQ, GeIL, Razer and Thortech for backing us up in these days. I also want to thank Kuro for all the things he has done for us in the past months and hope that his time in NaVi works out smoothly."




We would like to thank KuroKy for his time in mousesports as he helped developing the team to a feared competitor and has paved the way for his talented teammate to evolve to key players.




mousesports Dota 2 roster 2013:

  • Alexander "aleX" Reinhardt
  • Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier
  • Adrian "FATA" Trinks (C)
  • Pascal "paS" Lohmeier


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