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mousesports presents new LoL team

Written by René at 09.07.2012 - 18:00

After the last stint in League of Legends, we're proud to reveal our lineup in the fan favoured game title for 2012/2013. Joining mousesports will be five very well known players that haven't yet played together but are looking to compete with the worlds best teams.

We are extremely happy to work with some of the best players in the competitive League of Legends scene, and we're finally able to present a powerful roster for one of the most beloved game titles in 2012. Unlike our first League of Legends venture, we're not signing a yet experienced team, but rather signing five of the worlds best players who we've been looking for a long time.


Joining mousesports will be former aAa AP Carry Maik "MoMa" Wallus from Germany, who is certainly feared for his Karthus and Morgana play. Joining him will be fellow countryman, AD Carry Adrian "Candy Panda" Wübbelmann, mostly known for his achievements in SK Gaming aswell as his former SK teammate and Polish Jungler Filip "Dedrayon" Romejko. Barcelona based Alejandro "Dax" Germain, a former Millenium player will join the bottom lane as the official support player, while the third German based player Roland "Prothana" Runge from Team Derpers will try to dominate the top lane.


The team has already played some online tournaments in the past two weeks under the name handle "zuom" and has been rumoured to be one of the upcoming top tier League of Legends teams. Their first official tournament in the all famous red jerseys will be the 'Elite of Europe' Invitational on June 16-17. We also want to thank SK Gaming for releasing both their players out of their contracts in order to give them the possibility to join mousesports.


Watch out as some of your favorite mousesports League of Legends players will start streaming live on in the near future. If you like to play with MoMa, Dedrayon and Co. take a close look at the official mousesports Facebook account aswell as the players Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally you can join the official chat on #mousesports (


Statement Maik "MoMa" Wallus: "Finally the day has come, a new chapter in all our gaming careers: mousesports! After quite a few weeks without a real team, I've finally met the players I wanted to play with - good competitors and good friends aswell. On top of that we do have one of the most prestigous clubs supporting us with mousesports. I'm really looking forward to the future from now!"



mousesports League of Legends 2012/2013:


Germany Maik "MoMa" Wallus Facebook maikmomawallus  
Germany Adrian "Candy Panda" Wübbelmann    
Germany Roland "Prothana" Runge Facebook Prothana  
Poland Filip "Dedrayon" Romejko Facebook Dedrayon  
Spain Alejandro "Dax" Germain    



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#1 - 09.07.2012 (19:44)


Rly good move. Good luck guys! I believe that you show everyone how strong you are a team coming soon!
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