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CSS ESL Pro Series Spring 2012 - Counter-Strike: Source

German CSS team traded to Wild-Play e.V.

Written by René at 10.04.2012 - 18:28

With the recent success of our British CS:Source team, we will focus on supporting one CS:S team in the future. Therefore, the German CS:S team will be traded to Wild-Play and compete at this years EPS Finals for their new club.

They had a tough few opening games and struggled in the first period of the current ESL Pro Series season: The German mousesports CS:S team, led by KRAEUTERHUMPEN haven't caught the best start into the EPS Spring 2012, but came back after some losses in the beginning of the season. In the end, they managed to qualify for the EPS playoffs nontheless, but they won't compete for the mousesports banner anymore.


Due to the recent success of our primary CS:S team and our will to support only one ambitious team in the future, we will trade the whole seconary CS:S division to Wild-Play e.V. - they will also compete at this years ESL Pro Series playoffs for their new club.



mousesports CS: Source 2012:

  • United Kingdom Sam 'RattlesnK' Gawn - Team Captain
  • United Kingdom James 'Mx' Smale
  • United Kingdom Pete 'pt' Wright
  • United Kingdom Daniel 'RE1EASE' Mullan
  • United Kingdom Lewis 'Hughsy' Hughes



Wild-Play e.V. CS: Source 2012:

  • Germany Patrick 'KRAEUTERHUMPEN' Jakobi - Team Captain
  • Germany Yannick 'd0n' Metzger
  • Germany Enno 'paes' Schulze-Steinen
  • Germany Simon 'smn' Beck
  • Germany Dimitrios 'stavros' Smoilis
  • Germany Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff


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