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Today marks a milestone in mousesports history. We are extremely excited to present you Vodafone as our new head sponsor. The partnership will kick off effective immediately, when our CS:GO division will proudly wear the new jerseys at the ESL Pro League finals in Dallas.



You often hear about the perfect fit, but it has rarely been more true than today. Starting from the iconic red colors of Vodafone and mousesports to both partners deep roots in Germany and the digital world. We are eager to represent our new partner in esports arenas around the globe. "In Vodafone, we have found a strong and attractive brand that shares our passion and wants to shape the growth of mousesports and esports together. Connectivity is the lifeblood of esports and we are glad to not only have gained the best, but also the internationally most renowned partner", says mousesports CEO Cengiz Tüylü.


Our new partner will support all of our teams, from our storied CS:GO division to newly added Street Fighter V and Dota 2 teams to our mobile gamers of Vainglory. "Gamers need high speed and that’s what we stand for. As the Gigabit company with the fastest top speeds in the country, we are driving the Gigabit society forward – and we’re proud to actively take another step in this direction with our commitment to mousesports. As communications are becoming more and more interconnected, the same is happening in sports with esports. High speed Internet is a natural and vital prerequisite for esports – for teams as well as the fans themselves! With our commitment, we want to rstand for competition, fairness and sportsmanship – on and off the server!", says Gregor Gründgens, Director Brand Marketing at Vodafone Germany.


Mousesports teams will start working with Vodafone during the upcoming bootcamps, while our fans will enjoy a lot of content around our teams across the social media channels of Vodafone and mousesports, as well as on Vodafone's "Featured" magazine. Stay tuned.



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