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It has been two months since mousesports announced the start of a new Overwatch division. Today Germany´s premier eSports organization presents the roster, that will represent mousesports in Overwatch tournaments around the world.

After two months of intense scouting and testing, mouz Overwatch captain Klaus „frag^m“ Wiedemann has found just the right composition he was looking for: „I've put all my experience and efforts in assembling a team based on high skill potential as well as great team spirit.“The team is an international mix of veteran eSports stars and ambitious newcomers. „This is exactly why we hired Klaus for the job. He took his time and put all his experience into gathering a good mix of player. I am really happy with the result“, says mousesports CEO Cengiz Tüylü.


The team is already practicing and is looking at the first tournaments, even with one element still missing. „We are missing one piece of the puzzle but I am sure we will find the sixth player in the coming days“, states frag^m. Right now the team is consistently screening the market and is trying out prospects for the sixth position, a new DPS player.


One of the Stars of the new mousesports team is Martin „BUR1X“ Buric, who just got voted into the German team for the Blizzard Overwatch World Cup and managed to qualify for the finals at Blizzcon. "Getting picked up by the best German Organisation after being voted to represent Germany in Blizzard's Overwatch World Cup this year is a incredible big step for me and my career. I am very excited to work with the Team and mousesports“, says Buric.


Another player that is very well known within the eSports community will play as a „Tank“: Maurice „Burnie“ Engelhardt. The german native won the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) in 2004, when still playing Unreal Tournament. The team is completed with our german supporter Tim „Divinius“ Hoffmann and Stockholm based Johan „CWoosH“ Klingestedt.


"It makes me really happy, that in a competitive market such as Overwatch we managed to build a team that is not only very ambitious but also represents the mousesports values. I am confident that this group of players will succesfully play for our organization for a long time to come", says Tüylü.


The new mousesports Overwatch division will jump into action right way. The first big event will be the Blizzard Overwatch Wold Cup featuring our very own "BUR1X". Follow mousesports on Social Media to stay up to date with all the news sorround our Overwatch division.

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