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After a two-year break, mousesports is incredibly proud to announce that we are back with a League of Legends team. The new line-up will aim to bring the German Championship home again.


We are looking back on a long tradition in League of Legends: Multiple German Championships, victories in the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament and many close calls in the LCS relegation tournaments. While former mouz players moved on to be stars in the LCS, such as Rasmus "Caps" Winther, we are ready to start a new chapter and we will focus on the ESL Meisterschaft and the brand new Riot Premier Tour.

"This is the perfect time for mouz to get back into the game." - mousesports' CGO Stefan Wendt

"League of Legends is one of the core esports titles and we obviously always have an eye out for opportunities. The ESL Meisterschaft made great progress and the new Riot Premier Tour is a concept that we want to support, since it allows us to go out and meet with the fans. I feel this is the perfect time for us to get back into the game and build a strong foundation for our League of Legends division at mousesports. With our back to the roots approach and the focus on the German Community we hope to welcome a lot of the LoL fans to the mousesports family", says mousesports CGO Stefan Wendt.

"Long term we want to be a good representative for Germany in the EU Masters." - mousesports LoL Manager Christian Kopf

The new division will be headed by team manager Christian "Mantik" Kopf, who already won three German Championships with Euronics Gaming and has assembled a hard-hitting team for a our 2018 campaign: "I am very proud to get the opportunity to rebuild the League of Legends division for such a prestigious brand as mousesports. We want to be the number one team in the region and I am convinced our young and hungry group has all the tools required, to reach that goal. Long term we want to be a good representative for Germany in the EU Masters."


Kopf will be supported by the team's coach Dennis "Obvious" Sörensen, who not only worked successfully with Euronics Gaming before, but was also an active player of the mousesports League of Legends team during their championship run in Spring 2015.


mousesports wins ESLM Spring 2015 mousesports winning the ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 with Obvious on the active roster (Photo: ESL)


The new mousesports League of Legends line-up:

  • Adrian "Wardain" Müry (Toplane)
  • Kacper "Inspired" Sloma (Jungle)
  • Janik "Jenax" Bartels (Mid)
  • Patrick "Conjo" Jacobs (ADC)
  • Norman "Gistick" Kaiser (Support)
  • Dennis "Obvious" Sörensen (Coach)


The team has been practicing together for several weeks and is eager to get started with just a few days left until the ESL Meisterschaft and the Riot Premier Tour kick off. Please give a warm welcome to the team and follow @mousesports to stay up to date with the latest streams, results and more.

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