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We are back in the arena! After a few month without an arena shooter, mousesports enters Unreal Tournament. The latest version of the legendary game is still in its pre-alpha but we are already competing.

After we closed the doors of our Overwatch section earlier this year our captain Klaus "frag^m" Wiedemann started to play UT again, the title that made him the European Champion back in 2005. Together with old and new friends, the mousesports UT division was born. "I’m very proud to create what might be the best team that Unreal Tournament has seen in a while. Consisting of champions, veterans, as well as newer talent, this team will be able to compete in Duel, Team Deathmatch and the quite new Flag Run mode", says Wiedemann.


Still a little sad about the departure of the OW-team, Wiedemann takes a look back at what went wrong: "When the game was released, the hype was immensely high and it looked like it was going to become THE game for FPS players. Unfortunately, the game as well as our project fell short on different levels. First and foremost, after Blizzcon there was no other significant tournament nor is there one announced at this point. Blizzard has been very intransparent towards their Overwatch league and still not all details are out there. Second, the team did not perform up to our expectations. While we had some of the best talents around, the chemistry in the team was not there and the OW infrastructure wasn't able to provide players that wanted to go full-time with the necessary tournaments, affecting team performance and motivation."


The new Unreal Tournament team will consist of Dylan „dylan" Cunningham, Gaspar „hypno“ Machado, Sean „w)v“ Butcher, Mikael „znatch“ Lindahl and captain Klaus „frag^m“ Wiedemann. The players will give all mousesports fans a first look on what to expert from the new Unreal Tournament team, so watch out for our many streams that are coming up shortly.


mousesports UT4
  • Dylan "dylan" Cunningham (UK)
  • Gaspar "hypno" Machado (POR)
  • Klaus "frag^m" Wiedemann (GER) - Team Captain
  • Sean "w)v" Butcher (UK)
  • Mikael "znatch" Lindahl (SWE)



Image courtesy of Epic Games

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