Street Fighter V




EU Regional Finals

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Milan, Italy
ProblemX & CCL competing

Taiwan Fighter Major 2017

October 7-8, 2017
Taipei, Taiwan
ProblemX competing

Canada Cup 2017

October 26-29, 2017
Toronto, Canada
CCL competing

Competitive Fighting Games have a long standing tradition in esports. Creating highlight plays in almost every match, Street Fighter V is a popular choice among fans. With the start of 2017, mousesports is venturing into the scene by signing both Younes "CCL" Lazaar & Ben "ProblemX" Simon.


EGX 2017

1st place ($7,000 USD)
September 2017

Street Grand Battle 2017

1st place
September 2017

Celtic Throwdown

1st place (ProblemX)
September 2017

ZOWIE Bracket Reset London

1st place (ProblemX)
July 2017

DreamHack Summer 2017

9th place (CCL)
June 2017

Capcom Europe One

7th place (ProblemX)
June 2017

FFM Rumble 10

2nd place (ProblemX)
May 2017

Hypespotting 6

4th place (ProblemX)
April 2017

Sonic Boom 2017

1st place (ProblemX)
April 2017

Final Round 20

13th place (ProblemX)
March 2017

Coupe de France

1st place (€20,000 EUR;)
Player: CCL
March 2017

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