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Intel Extreme Masters

IEM V European Finals: mouz vs MYM

Written by |zvan at 22.01.2011 - 15:41

The last match of Group A in Kiev at IEM V European Finals, mousesports lost 14-16 (7-8; 7-8) to the Russians from MeetYourMakers.

Our counter-strike team played this match without any chances to qualify for the playoffs as they reached only 1 point from four matches: 3 loss and 1 draw and were however out of the event. With this victory, MYM have succesfully advanced to the playoffs where earlier today, they lost against Natus Vincere in the first quater-final of the day.


The last quater-final took place on a best-of-three system between mTw from Denmark and Lions from Sweden. First map, de_nuke, ended fast with a 16-7 score in favour of the Danes, while the second map, de_train, saw both teams giving their best: mTw to qualify for the semifinals and Lions to come back and take the lead. It finally ended 16-11 for mTw and they will face Frag eXecutors from Poland in a 'hard to bet' game of the semifinals.


The second semifinal represents one of the most interesting matches of the new year, where the Ukrainian superpower Natus Vincere will have the chance to take their revenge against the brand new fnatic team, who won them in the group-stage.




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vse budet vperedi
your style imba-hold the best!!!
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