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Intel Extreme Masters

IEM V European Finals: mouz vs FX

Written by |zvan at 21.01.2011 - 16:42

Our counter-strike team is currently playing its third match of Group A against the Polish giants Frag eXecutors on the map called de_dust2.

mousesports started out the first side as Terrorits and managed to take 7 rounds as the half score indicates 8-7 in favour of  Frag eXecutors. Note that this match does not feature any HLTV, as it is broadcasted by ESL TV. To watch the stream go to this page, hit the PLAY button and wait for the connection to be established.



mouz: Tixo - roman - Karrigan - ninja - approx
FX: Neo - kuben - TaZ - pasha - Loord

Detailed scores

mousesports 9
Frag eXecutors 16

UPDATE: mousesports were not able to defend against Frag eXecutors several hard pushes and only managed to take two rounds as CT. Our guys lost the game 9 to 16 and are now eliminated from the tournament with 1 points from 4 matches. The last game in Group A for mousesports will be against MYM but it only matters for the Russian team. In case of a victory, MYM will qualify for the playoffs.




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