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# Player Score
2 DE cdx 295
3 AT El Pollo Grande 273
4 Brain 244
5 2ez4rtz 224
6 T - M 4 N [S] 223
7 PL ✪ ηυмq 205
8 317 185
9 DE Ponke 144
10 DE [DHP]Its magic 136
11 DE dmn420 83
12 SE maunszon 79
13 smiley =DD 79
14 ✪ ARTEMIZ 76
15 DE C4V3ND1SHHH 50
16 UA cyx â™› 41
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Lowko joins mouz, hosts special show tonight

Written by René at 18.10.2013 - 19:57

Simon "Lowko" Heijnen joins mousesports to help the team's media promotion, taking care of exclusive mousesports video content. As his first action he will host a special show airing today with a special episode of mouz Trap, featuring VortiX and MaNa.

The 20-year-old Simon "mouz Lowko" Heijnen joins the mousesports family after leaving Quantic Gaming and will focus on StarCraft II media, including both live broadcasts as well as videos. Heijnen is no stranger to the community, as he got known for examining build orders on his YouTube channel with nearly 13,000 subscribers. His first official appearance for mousesports will be a special episode of mouz Trap! on Friday night, when he hosts his first show on mousesports TV, joined by WCS World Finals competitor Juan "mouz VortiX" Moreno-Durán as well as Grzegorz "mouz MaNa" Komincz, starting 20:30 CEST.




Live from 20:30 CEST: Lowko joined by VortiX & MaNa




Netherlands mouz Lowko

Simon Heijnen






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