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# Player Score
1 DE Baka 135
3 cccccccc 130
4 DE Lukas 110
5 US Sorrow. 107
6 SK Talmat 105
7 DE halbstark 102
8 DE .Maze[é] | 87
9 DE LeahciM 79
10 Mapoo 75
11 DE [noob-tube] mRz ツ 74
12 lemysterequitechoque 64
13 vSWAGd 21
14 DE exii 18
15 PL Bo[l]ec [n1] 16
16 fuzy♥Joka 0
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SC2 The Gathering 2012 - StarCraft II

ThorZaIN & MorroW at The Gathering

Written by René at 06.04.2012 - 11:07

While the rest of the squad competes in Denmark at Copenhagen Games, our Swedish SC2 players Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf and Stefan "MorroW" Andersson are currently in Norway at the Gathering LAN tournament.

With no problems for every of the top competitors in the first groupstage, both our players got seeded in the same group for second groupstage. Joining them in group E will be German player Thorsten "DBS" Seifert and Alast0r from Spain.


Imbalanced TV Livestream


  • 19:36: MorroW lost to LucifroN 0-2.
  • 18:56: ThorZaIN advances to the semifinal! He defeats NightEnD 2-0 overall.
  • 18:11: ThorZaIN will face his nemesis NightEnD in a few minutes, while MorroW will take on Lucifron from Spain later on. Two thumbs up for our Swedes!
  • 18:04: After ThorZaIN, also MorroW sind his first playoff match 2-0 to advance to second round!
  • 14:44: The playoffs brackets are now available. ThorZaIN faces Russian Protoss TitaN, while MorroW takes on Korean player PhoeNix.
  • 13:09: ThorZaIN beats MorroW in a thrilling match with 2-1 overall to win his group. MorroW comes in second and will have a much harder opponent in the playoffs now.
  • 12:01: MorroW defeating DBS 2-0 on Daybreak and Cloud Kingdom. Both players will advance to the playoffs and will meet each other up next to determine the group winner on Imbalanced TV.
  • 11:58: With ThorZaIN winning his second match 2-1 against Alast0r and MorroW leading 1-0 over DBS, we're only one map away from both our players advancing to the playoffs.
  • 11:10: Also ThorZaIN won his opening match against DBS. Next up should be MorroW vs. DBS live on imbalanced TV.
  • 11:08: So far, MorroW defeated Alast0r with 2-0 in maps.


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