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LOL Sennheiser Hear To Win Cup - League of Legends

HearToWin cup and upcoming tournaments!

Written by Rouffious at 19.03.2012 - 18:51

The HearToWin cup is behind us, let's see what lies ahead and where you can follow your favorite League of Legends team!

The HearToWin cup came to and end this weekend with mousesports getting the 4th place after a very exciting best of 3 match for the 3rd place. WesternWolves got the better of mousesports in the end after a bad fight at the tier 2 tower which resulted in a lot of money going towards the enemy's Cassiopeia who ended up carrying the team to a win. 2-1 was the score after a long but good tournament.
aAa ended up winning the series from AL in the finals, WW came in third and mousesports fourth.

As mentioned there is a whole lot more to come in the following weeks as mousesports is involved in a series of tournaments.

First up is the AbsoluteProLeague (APL) for which mousesports has already played 2 matches. They have already beaten MeetYourMakers and LowLandLions which has put them first in their group. Tonight (at 20:00 GMT+1) they will take on Teamless which will be the final match for the groupstages. The 2 teams that lead their groups qualify for the playoffs and have a chance to win the following:

1st place:   € 1.000
2nd place: €    500
3rd place:  Riot Points

Up next is the Vengeance cup on the 21st of March at 20:00 GMT+1 where mousesports will take on TNF. This team should not form a problem for our players and will hopefuly result in mousesports topping the group. The Vengeance cup is a cup which is played in 32 groups, after which the playoffs will start. Notable teams in the cup are: m5,, SK gaming, AL and many more.
Prize pool is a total of 10.000 dollars which is divided as so:

1st place:   $ 6.000
2nd place: $ 3.000
3rd place:  $ 1.000

It doesn't end there for our awesome League of Legends players, there is more to come as on the 22nd of March at 20:00 GMT+1 they play vs AL for the 2nd Cdiscount cup organised by Millenium! A total of 8 teams have been invited for this tournament. The team who wins the finals gets 750 euro's cash, the runner-up gets 250 euro's. The games will be streamed on Millenium TV and on mousesports TV so make sure to tune in!

And then final but not least on the 23rd and 24th of March the SK Trophy will be played. 14 teams have been invited to the event and will be joined by 2 teams who qualified through the amateur cup that SK hosted earlier. The full prize pool contains 1.000 dollars, at what time the games will actually be played is unknown up to this point but you can keep an eye on our website or go here for more information. mousesports is amon the invited teams and is looking forward to competing in this competition.


AL page
SK page
Vengeance page
Millenium page


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