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Interview with mouz MiSeRy

mousesports Dota 2


You have successfully qualified for The International 2014 by winning the European qualifier. After a demonstration of strength in the groupstage, you’ve started to struggle in the Grand Final against Virtus.Pro, where you had to fight back from a 0-2 deficit. What was the secret after having lost two maps in a row, how did you manage to focus on such an impressive comeback?

Rasmus "mouz MiSeRy" Filipsen: "First of all we didn't expect to meet VP in the final, so we weren't really prepared for their playstyle and their priorities in draft. Even though we had lost the first two games , we still felt we were the better team. We learned quite a bit from the first two losses in terms of what we should do to beat Virtus Pro, so we just talked it over before the third game and adjusted the draft and the mindset and went into the last 3 games with a better understanding of our enemy and ourselves."



You’ll have three big tournaments ahead of you: DreamLeague Finals, ESL One Frankfurt and The International 2014. How much will these tournaments affect the team’s chemistry and do you think the upcoming weeks will be a key situation for every player’s career?

mouz MiSeRy: "The results of each individual tournament this summer will definitely affect the team. How much and in which way is hard to say now, but I hope that we can stick together and keep up the focus and chemistry regardless of the outcome. Whoever can learn from their losses throughout the summer, will have a better shot at winning, as I see it. As it always has been, TI4 pretty much dictates dota 2 players career and years to come, so potentially it is more important than ever, as e-sports is getting very serious."



The ESL One Frankfurt event will take place in the Commerzbank Arena, holding space for up to 65,000 fans. What will it be like to play in front of many fans, especially the mousesports ones?

mouz MiSeRy: "I can't wait to play that tournament, the fact that it is held at a football stadium and that there will be so many people watching is amazing in itself, on top of that I have heard mouz will have a lot of fans since it is held in Germany, so hopefully it will give us an edge. This tournament is much more about the experience and the prestige behind it."


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Do you hope for quite a few fans from Denmark as well?

mouz MiSeRy: "I am not sure how many people in Denmark actually care enough about Dota 2, that they would go to Frankfurt to watch, but it would be exciting for sure."



mouz MiSeRy
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How does playing in front of such a big crowd in Frankfurt affect your playing style? Are you – as an experienced player – used to the rush of adrenaline when competing on such a big stage, with thousands of fans cheering for you?

mouz MiSeRy: "Well, at this point, attending LAN tournaments and playing infront of crouds is basically the main reason for why I'm still playing Dota. It is worth it everytime. I guess it depends how big it will actually be - if it can top playing in G-League Grand Final in Shanghai in Mercedes Benz Arena for 10.000 people, then I might become a little nervous." (smiles)



Which teams will be the fan’s favorite teams in Frankfurt?

mouz MiSeRy: "Like I mentioned earlier I have heard there will be a lot of people cheering for mouz, but I still consider us as being underdogs. Probably Invictus, NaVi and Alliance will be the favorites as usual."



When you’ve started your Dota career – have you ever imagined you would play in front of thousands of fans in a soccer stadium or was that something far beyond your imagination?

mouz MiSeRy: "Definitely not, haha. I eventually came to realize that it was gonna happen, but when I started playing Dota competitively, I didnt even think about it as being competitive, if that makes sense."



You have been a part of the Dota community for a long time. Do you ever look back, what you would be doing, if you haven’t started playing Dota back then?

mouz MiSeRy: "Usually I only think about this stuff in some depressing times, but there is no point thinking like that. But I used to play football at an elite level before Dota stole my attention. I think if never discovered Dota or gaming in general, I would have probably put my energy on that instead."



What are you doing besides gaming? Do you have any sportive activities you’re into as a balance to the life of a professional gamer?

mouz MiSeRy: "I still follow football and im looking very much forward to this years World Cup in Brazil. Apart from that I started running and working out a bit after coming home from China in December, but since we were a new team, we had to play qualifiers for all tournaments, and the game became even more time requiring than usual, so everything else was kind of forced to be put on hold."



Does a decorated and experienced player like you still have any idols or players you’re looking up to? How do you get inspiration for your playing style?

mouz MiSeRy: "I have never been the type of person that has had an idol or has been looking up to anyone. I watch games and I obviously get ideas from other players like everyone else, but I can't name anyone in particular that inspires me in Dota."



Thank you very much for your time – any last words or shoutouts? 

mouz MiSeRy: "My pleasure and thank you for interviewing me. Shoutout to mousesports, BenQ, EpicGear and XMG. And if you're living in Germany, especially near Frankfurt, make sure to drop by at the ESL One event to support us!"






By René (René)
mousesports Godfather
Time: 10.06.2014


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