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WC3L Finals

WC3L Finals X & Finals Coverage

► WC3L Finals & Finals

Finally it's time again, the WC3L Finals are just about to take place. For the tenth time the four best teams of the season struggle out the world's WarCraft III crown and the additional prize money. Each year the participants' skills increased and therefore we can look forward to watching United Kingdom Four Kings, China World Elite, Europe Meet Your Makers andGermany mousesports this year.

Moreover the ESL caps it all, since besides the usual finals, the global playoffs for the Season 4 will take place simultaneously. This tourney features players like Sweden SaSe, Korea (Republic of) SweeT or Netherlands Grubby, just to mention few of them.

All matches will be broadcasted either via shoutcast or videostream, to provide WarCraft III fans the very best from Thursday to the very end on Sunday.

► Prize Money Distribution

WC3L Finals Finals
1. Place: 10,000 € 1. Place: 10,000 €
2. Place: 6,000 € 2. Place: 3,000 €
3. Place: 3,000 € 3. Place: 2,000 €
4. Place: 1,000 € 4. Place: 1,000 €

► Entry Fee

Premium User Non-Premium User
Per Tag: 3 € Per Tag: 5 €
Entire Event: 8 € Entire Event: 10 €

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Four Kings
World Elite
Meet Your Makers

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Interview with SK|fire_de


By Frank Graef (dos)
Time: 23.01.2007


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